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McDanel Ceramics is the North American partner for NeoCeram pumps, valves and homogenization pistons manufactured in proprietary high grade ceramic oxides. All products are FDA and cGMP compliant.

Our products meet the demands of high-tech filling solutions for precision liquid filling. We specialize in dosing small and medium volumes of sterile liquids where precision cleanability and durability are important. Our products have a long life (up to 10 years in operation) and require minimum maintenance. Our pumps are seal-less, can run dry and are particularly suitable for CIP/SIP.

Pharmaceutical Industry

We are dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing high quality ceramics for precision liquid filling for four applications:

Contact McDanel for orders made in North America. For international orders, contact NeoCeram.com

Pump Industries Pharmaceutical Cosmetic Food Industry


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For international orders, contact NeoCeram.com



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