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Materials: Mullite
Mullite (3Al2O3 • 2SiO2) is a refractory oxide material combining low thermal expansion, good mechanical strength, and resilience at elevated temperatures. McDanel Mullite is formulated to produce dense, impervious shapes, with optimized thermal shock resistance and strength.

Grades Typical Uses
MV20 and MV-HR1 are dense mullites formulated to offer high quality economical options for moderately high temperature applications.
Insulators and thermocouple protection sheaths in oxidizing conditions for base and noble metal thermocouples. Furnace muffle tubes. Limited to temperatures up to 1450°C.
MV30 is an extremely versatile and economical material. Its workability allows an extensive range and flexibility in fabrication. It is well suited for the casting of special shapes and larger tubes.
Thermocouple protection tubes, target and sight tubes, furnace muffles, diffusion furnace liners, combustion tubes, radiant furnace tubes and kiln rollers.
Data Sheets and MSDS

MV20 Data Sheet
MV-HRI Data Sheet
MV30 Data Sheet
Mullite MSDS

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